29th Annual Ostrich Festival

29th Annual Ostrich Festival

Arizonans are a sturdy and unique bunch. Years of surviving scorching summers may have warped us—just a bit—and as such, some of our festivals may appear to be a tad unusual. This brings us to today’s topic, the 29th Annual Ostrich Festival in Chandler, Arizona. Yes, we celebrate that majestic flightless bird with a big party every March. This year’s festival takes place the weekend of March 10-12, in case you were thinking you might want to investigate further!

The History

Ostriches used to be a big deal in Chandler. In the early 1900s, ostrich feathers garnered a large sum, being popular for use in women’s hats, and Dr. A.J. Chandler owned the biggest ostrich ranch in the state. The fad soon ended and the price of ostrich feathers dropped drastically, but the ranch and the bird were still synonymous with Chandler, and in the 1980s, when the Chamber of Commerce began to look for fundraiser ideas, the Ostrich Festival was born!


Today, the Ostrich Festival is Chandler’s biggest party and actually takes two weekends to fulfill all the activities. Kick-off weekend begins March 4th and features a parade, a 5K, a safety fair, and a classic car show. The following weekend, however is when the real games begin, and visitors can expect everything from ostrich races, cool rides, and tasty treats to zip lines, camel rides, and rock climbing walls. This festival is a big one that grows larger every year!

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