5 Historical Sites in Arizona

With its past immured in Native American culture, the Wild West and its quest for gold, and ancient Mexican cultures, Arizona is rife with fascinating historical sites that draw visitors from all over the country. Below, we’ve put together a short list of the most historical places in Arizona that we think will give you a good taste of the rich history and legacy of this state. Read on to learn more about a few of our favorite places to learn more about the history of the Grand Canyon State! We hope that you find Arizona’s historical sites as fun and informative as we do!

Montezuma Castle

A well-preserved set of cliff dwellings that sprung from an ancient civilization along Beaver Creek, Montezuma Castle is an impressive feat of indigenous ingenuity, encompassing five floors of twenty rooms previously occupied by the Sinaguan people almost one thousand years ago before being mysteriously abandoned. It is situated over seventy feet above the valley floor.


Nestled into the mountainside, Jerome is an old-fashioned mining town turned ghost town and tourist attraction. Here, visitors can observe the captivating dynamic between renovated buildings and old ruins along the city streets, such as the Jerome Grand Hotel (the highest public building in the Verde Valley), the Bartlett Hotel, and the Sliding Jail (which was built on a clay slick and now resides 2,500 feet away from its original location).


Along the Mexican border lies the old mining town of Bisbee, with vast views that look out over our southern neighbor’s rolling terrain. Like Jerome, Bisbee also became a ghost town once the mines closed, though now it is home to a colorful, eclectic mix of citizens, many of which are free-spirits and artists.

San Xavier del Bac

First constructed in 1699, this historic Spanish mission was one of the first historical sites in Arizona, and remains one of the oldest standing European structures in the United States. The ruins exemplify the beautiful architecture of the Spanish-style missions that were popular throughout Arizona and the surrounding Southwest.


One of the longest-standing mining towns, Tombstone has a rich history that includes the infamous shootout at the O.K. Corral between local police and outlaw cowboys back in 1881. When you visit, you can see reenactments of the famous gun fight, as well as recreations of other elements of life in the Wild West.

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