Accommodations Near the Grand Canyon

If you’re going to Arizona for the first time, you’ve got to see the Grand Canyon! Our closest accommodations near the Grand Canyon are in the city of Flagstaff, about 80 minutes from the South Rim.

Why Visit?

The Grand Canyon has long been known throughout the world as one if its natural wonders—one of its explorers commented on its vastness that, no matter how many canyons you’ve seen before, this one would stun you so much that you’d swear you were on a different planet! The mile-deep, millions-year-old canyon is a treasure for what it reveals about the Earth’s past, and remains an important locale for both academics and tourists today.

The Grand Canyon National Park welcomes visitors from across the world, including relaxed sightseers and serious hikers. With unsurpassed scenery that can’t be imitated anywhere else, the Grand Canyon is a place you need to see to really understand.

Why Stay in Flagstaff?

The Grand Canyon isn’t really too close to many major areas. While hotels nearby service thousands of tourists each year, they aren’t well connected to many outlying areas. If you want to visit the Grand Canyon as part of a larger vacation and don’t want to book extra air fare and deal with separate reservations, then book Grand Canyon accommodations with us in a place around Flagstaff!

Accommodations in Flagstaff

We have several different lodgings available in Flagstaff; while not as numerous as our Scottsdale offerings, we made sure to diversify to assure that there’s a perfect place for you to stay.

Downtown Historic Retreat

This is a fabulous 6-bedroom home built in 1906, renovated to offer modern amenities. If the size alone didn’t shout “opulence,” then wait until you see the antique style of the bedrooms and claw-foot bathtubs. It also boasts a great location—it’s within walking distance of beautiful downtown Flagstaff, replete with restaurants, bars, and shops to explore.

Flagstaff Bungalow

For those who don’t really need 6 bedrooms, our Flagstaff Bungalow is worth a look. Despite the name “bungalow,” it’s actually got plenty of space (enough to sleep six), vaulted ceilings, and a flat-screen TV with cable. It’s close to the Continental Country Club, making it a great spot for golf enthusiasts.

Whispering Pines

 Another place close to downtown, Whispering Pines is a four-bedroom home with a spacious living room. It’s the perfect size for larger families or small families with guests. The patio offers a lovely view of the forest. For those who want access to both downtown and the Grand Canyon but want a smaller place than our Downtown Historic Retreat, this is the choice for you.

Oakmont Hideaway

Named because it’s a little further away from the main thoroughfares of Flagstaff, this four-bedroom home is also located nearly on top of the Continental Golf Club, a quality it shares with our Flagstaff Bungalow. This one also boasts plenty of nearby hiking trails—perfect warm-ups for your trek around the Grand Canyon!

Book Now!

If you want to check any of these Grand Canyon vacation rentals out in more detail, check out the individual property pages, or feel free to give us a call; we would be happy to discuss any of our Grand Canyon rentals, as well as answer any questions you may have.