How the Top Property Managers Say You Can Get the Most Out of Your Vacation Rental

Beautiful open interior and arched windows of a vaction rental managed by one of our property managers

Many vacation rental property owners wonder how to improve their properties to make it more attractive to both new and returning guests. Top property management companies offer several ways to upgrade your property to help you get the highest possible rental income.

Paint & Lighting

One easy simple thing you can do is to paint your property. This goes farther than just adding a fresh coat of paint. Add color to the walls. This will add warmth to the space. Also, add some color and pattern by adding area rugs. This can also hide any stains, as well as delineate spaces. Also, they are more easily cleaned than wall-to-wall carpeting.

You should also ensure you have good lighting throughout the property. Installing dimmer switches are an easy upgrade, and allows your guests the option of bright lights or softer lights depending on their activity.

Mattresses & Pillows

If your mattresses need replacing, this is a definite must do. Keep in mind that non-pillow top versions will last longer. If you want to add extra softness, you can add a feather bed or a memory foam topper. This can be an investment that will save money in the end.

Also, make sure you have good pillows. You may even want to have a variety of pillows — down, down alternatives, some firm, some softer.


Furnishings throughout the home should have both luxury and comfort in mind. Many property owners have found that hiring an interior decorator can add a touch of flair to homes. You want your guests to feel as comfortable as possible in your vacation rental.

If you have a pool or spa, ensure that these are upgraded and in working order. People do not want to stay in a home with these amenities and not be able to use them. Also, if you have the possibility of adding a pool or hot tub, these can increase the attractiveness of your rental.

The kitchen in your property should be upgraded to include high-end appliances and touches. These are a great investment overall to the value of your property. Within the kitchen, you should include a full set of good pots and pans, as well as all necessary utensils.

Enlisting the help of property management companies can also help ensure that your property is in tiptop shape. These property managers employ landscapers, housekeepers, and other workers that will keep your property upgraded and attractive to guests. If you’re still in the process of searching through all the property managers in your area, why not check out Book My Vacay. As one of the top property management companies in both Phoenix and Arizona, we have years of experience and a dedicated staff that will ensure you get the most out of your vacation rental. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us here, or browse the rest of our website!