The Best Arizona Art Galleries & Museums

All over the Valley, artists spring up in places where creativity energizes the atmosphere, inspired by melding of local cultures, Western lifestyle, and otherworldly desert landscapes. There are a number of places in our state famous for their contribution to the AZ art scene. From small towns to major city centers, art is found everywhere! As a starting point, we’ve put together a brief list of our favorite AZ art communities where you can spot some of the most influential artists and their work. Read on for a list of artistic hotspots that can only be found in Arizona!

The Roosevelt Art District

Phoenix’s urban art center hosts the famous First Fridays in its well-known enclave for artists: Roosevelt Row. During First Fridays, artists and musicians gather all along the Roosevelt District to showcase their talents and wares in an eclectic, carnival-like environment. The rest of Phoenix is home to some of the largest of Arizona’s art museums, galleries, music scenes, and writers’ collectives.


A haven for believers in all things New Age, Sedona is also home to a variety of Arizona art galleries devoted to embodying the beauty of the surrounding red rock landscape and scenic vistas. Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village is the foremost contributor to Sedona’s vibrant artistic community.


With a metropolitan area rivaling that of Phoenix, Tucson is a fast-growing destination for arts and music in southern Arizona. Replete with museums, galleries, and art studios, the city is considered one of the top art centers in the Grand Canyon State.


Exemplifying the perfect relationship between small town community and artist’s haven, Bisbee gains inspiration from its history as a mining town, its 1960’s hippie revival, and its continued legacy of public art, collectives, galleries, and programs.


Up north, the residents of Flagstaff draw artistic inspiration from lush forest landscapes and vast canyons, as well as the youthful college town atmosphere and fresh mountain air. An art walk takes place on the first Friday of each month, and the town even has its own symphony orchestra.

There’s More Than Art Museums in Arizona!

Taking visit to one of Arizona’s art museums or galleries is just one of the many things to do here. Just ask our reservation specialists, who are seasoned local experts on all things beautiful and exciting about Arizona, when you book one of our high-quality vacation properties for your next trip to the desert today!