Best Golf Courses in Phoenix

If you think it’s too hot for Phoenix golf, think again! The winter months are prime golfing season here, with average highs never dropping below 60 degrees. If you’re from the Midwest or the Atlantic states, then you need to stop by here and scratch your golfing itch! The summer makes for surprisingly good golf as well. Proper hydration, the right clothing, and sunscreen can help you beat the heat, while the less-crowded courses’ summer discounts entice the customers out into the sun. Besides, wind and rain are rare in Phoenix, so why not take advantage of such perfect conditions?

Golfing is a great way to get out and get a little exercise. It’s also a fun sport that never stops offering a challenge even to its most dedicated practitioners. With nine-hole courses, eighteen-hole courses, and driving ranges, it’s also a great way to spend a morning or an afternoon, a whole day or an hour or two. So if you’re sold on Phoenix golf, here are some courses you need to try out.

Arizona Biltmore Golf Course

 A well-maintained course that is appreciated by more casual golfers. If you only golf a few times a year or are bringing someone along who isn’t as into it as you are, this is one of the better Phoenix golf courses to try out. Understanding the heat as well as anyone, the course even features a beverage cart that services customers out on the green!

Papago Golf Course

This course lies right near the border between Phoenix and Scottsdale. The course is over fifty years old—with some renovations done in 2008—and any player will see quickly how it survived so long. The tees are varying lengths and require a variety of strategies, keeping play interesting and offering challenge for players of all levels. Plus, the location is superb. With Gammage Auditorium just fifteen minutes away and the Phoenix Zoo practically next door, it’s practically perfect as part of a larger day-long outing.

Whirlwind Golf Club

If you’re spending some time in Chandler or are otherwise heading near the southern part of Loop 202, stop by Whirlwind Golf Club. It’s a thirty-six-hole course, so you can spend anywhere from a few hours to a whole day here. Their ratings are consistently high thanks to their fair pricing and a staff that goes above and beyond; it truly is one of the best golf courses in Phoenix!


Encanto is a nine-hole course that’s attractively accessible in many senses of the word. Its location is perhaps the easiest to get to from our Phoenix vacation rentals, and the price makes it one of the best deals in the Valley. Due to this, the course can get crowded, but the city keeps it in decent shape. If you’re looking for a quick game to squeeze in, this is probably the best out of all the Phoenix golf courses for you to visit.