Best Golf Courses in Tucson

Tucson has gorgeous weather from October through April, with mild winters encouraging outdoor activities. Rain is rare there, so stray clouds almost never ruin plans. Plus, the city is blessed with beautiful scenery, from vast swathes of desert to mountainous backdrops. What better way take advantage of this than with a round of golf?

Golf if a great sport, as even standard courses can always provide a challenge even to experienced players, and the community is always welcoming of new golfers. It’s also not bad exercise! So why not pack your clubs in your trunk and enjoy some golf while you’re here? Don’t worry about the season—Tucson city golf courses are open year-round, with great summer discounts!


Golf courses in Tucson are commonly rated quite highly. Here’s a few of the top picks that you might want to check out:

Quail Canyon

Quail Canyon is a par 3 course with eighteen holes. Its quality is enduring—opened in 1964, it’s been around for over fifty years! Having the Catalina Mountains so close by gives a backdrop rarely rivaled by courses back in Phoenix. Quail Canyon lies a bit north of the city’s heart, and is easily accessible off Highway 71. Touting a relaxed atmosphere, it’s one of the best golf courses in Tucson.

Fred Enke

If you’re new to the desert, you should check out Fred Enke Golf Course in the eastern part of the city. This course really embraces the desert setting, seamlessly blending the crucial elements of the course in with the landscape. The semi-arid course only uses grass only where necessary, and native plants abound in the remainder of the landscape—keep a sharp eye and you might spot a jackrabbit during your game! The likes of this course can’t be found outside the U.S. Southwest, so if you’re visiting from another region, you need to check out Fred Enke.


Another public Tucson golf course that doesn’t compromise quality, Silverbell boasts a championship layout. It’s located conveniently near the I-17 in the northwestern part of the city—you could even drop by for a round on your way to your vacation rental! Unlike many southwestern courses, Silverbell features two large lakes that come in to play on several holes. It’s a par 70 course with a variety of holes, so golfers of all skills and strategies are bound to find one hole they like.

Sewalio Golf Club

Open to both the public and members, Sewalio is another scenic Tucson city golf course nestled in the shadows of nearby foothills. Advertising a floral setting, the course prides itself on its appearance and the upkeep of desert flora (and fauna!). Sewalio embraces the modern era with golf carts whose built-in GPS systems show idea flyovers to help players navigate the course. Lying southwest of the city, the golf course is a bit out of the way—but being rated #1 by GolfAdvisor, it’s worth the trip!

Stay Near the Courses

Make your golf trip to Tucson even easier by staying near the courses! Book My Vacay has many Tucson vacation homes near golf courses you can take advantage of to improve your trip. If you have any questions, please give us a call; we’re happy to help!