4th of July Celebrations in Arizona

It’s official: Summer in Arizona has arrived, and in certain areas of the state, it has brought inferno-like conditions that have the residents crawling inside their homes, pulling down the blinds, locking the doors, and cocooning until cooler days arrive. But not on the 4th of July! For some reason, no matter how hot, how rainy, how cold (yes, some parts of the state can get chilly after dark, even in July!), we desert denizens don our patriotic best, grab our lawn chairs, and head OUTSIDE to participate in firework festivities! Here’s some of our favorite celebrations and activities that can be found in Central Arizona and some of the outlying regions; let’s hear it for the red, white, and BOOM!

Fabulous Phoenix Fourth

Held at Steele Indian School Park every 4th of July, this used to be the biggest game in town, and while there are some other fun celebrations that are competing with Phoenix, this is still one of the best! If you’re one of the lucky ones and book the right home, your Book My Vacay vacation rental will be within walking distance of the party; all you will have to do is grab a chair or blanket, some comfy flipflops, and head in the direction of all the noise. Admission is free! Food vendors will be at the festival, so stay in your pool a little longer—no need to prepare for dinner tonight, as if you were really going to attempt to cook in this heat!

Tempe Town Lake Festival

The second largest fireworks party can be found at Tempe Town Lake. Offering food, fun, and fireworks, this is the place East Valley locals flock to for a fantastic 4th of July celebration in Arizona! There is a fee, with tickets on sale at our local Fry’s grocery stores, which makes it convenient if you forgot your sunscreen, sunglasses, swimsuit, or your shoes; you can pick up any of these items at most Fry’s stores, and there is sure to be one near you! The gates open at 5:00 PM. You’ll probably want to get here early, as the lake fills up fast.

Prescott 4th of July Fireworks Celebration

This party is perhaps the biggest 4th of July celebrations in Arizona. It is held up north in the cool pines, just down the street from your Prescott Book My Vacay vacation home! Starting at noon and lasting until 10 PM, family picnics, music, and of course, fireworks, make the perfect birthday party for our country; the cool weather makes it even better, if that’s at all possible!

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