Benefits of Short Term Rentals Compared to Long Term Rentals: An Infographic!

Planning on renting out your home, but aren’t sure if you want to make it a long or short term rental? We’ve got the inside scoop! Check out our infographic about the amazing benefits of short term rentals!


What is the Benefit of Short term Rentals compared to Long Term?

Advantage for the Home Owner

  • Freedom to reserve your home
  • Your home is better maintained and you have more control
  • Short term rental is more lucrative than conventional Rental

Advantage for the Renter

  • More Privacy and Freedom
  • More Space than a traditional hotel room, plus access to a full kitchen
  • And of course saving some money

Industry Trends

  • Increased online travel planning
  • Short Term renting is becoming more popular each year
  • On average, the US offers 13-15 vacations days a year, great for short trips

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