Best Places to Eat Cheap in Phoenix

When planning your annual vacation, chances are you tried to make sure your budget is large enough to ensure you have a great time, but tight enough to avoid making you pinch pennies for the rest of the year—something you don’t always manage to accomplish. Unexpected expenses have a way of cropping up throughout your trip; replacing expensive sunglasses you dropped from the top of Camelback Mountain, discovering that the OdySea Aquarium had somehow not managed to make your bucket list and adding it at the last minute, and finding that you just didn’t anticipate the correct cost of dining out for every meal. While we can’t help with the sunglasses or the aquarium, we can guide you to some of our favorite, and cheapest restaurants in Phoenix, allowing you to save your vacation dollars for more important things like souvenirs and cocktails!

Pete’s Fish and Chips – Various Locations

Pete’s is famous for their tasty deep-fried seafood, year-round outdoor dining, low prices, and a long list of what you can’t do or have while partaking in their food! No credit cards, no onion rings on Fridays, and no bills larger than a $20 are accepted, but once you bite into their Monster Burger Combo, you will understand why Pete’s Fish & Chips is a favorite Phoenix restaurant for cheap!

Filiberto’s – Various Locations

Taco Tuesdays are a big deal in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, and Filiberto’s takes their tacos seriously! Priced at 99 cents (on Tuesdays only) these Mexican delights are a savory and inexpensive way to feel like a real Phoenician!

Honey Bear’s Barbecue – 5012 East Van Buren, Phoenix

Honey Bear’s has been a popular Phoenix restaurant since 1986, serving Tennessee-style barbecue that will stick to your ribs. Served on paper plates and served with Styrofoam cups, the lack of fussy accessories in this down-home diner keeps the prices low as well!

Matt’s Big Breakfast – Phoenix, Tempe, and Sky Harbor Airport

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and no one knows this better than the wonderful owners and staff of Matt’s Big Breakfast! Serving breakfasts with hearty portions all day, their griddle cakes are made from scratch and will bring a smile to your face at first bite!

Carolina’s Mexican Food, Various Locations

Homemade tortillas so soft they melt in your mouth, house made salsa with just the right amount of bite, and a full menu of Mexican food that could have come out of our abuela’s kitchen; it’s an authentic, cheap Mexican food restaurant in Phoenix that is simply delicious. What more could you ask for?

The Best Thing About Hearty Portions

Is being able to take the leftovers back to your luxurious Book My Vacay vacation rental to enjoy for a midnight snack! Book yours today, and don’t be afraid to ask us for more tips to help you enjoy your Phoenix vacation to the fullest; we’ve often been told we are very helpful!