Best Scottsdale and Phoenix Local Institutions and Events

Hold the Press

Think Arizona is only known for its heat? Think again. The cities of Scottsdale and Phoenix bring in special events and local institutions that locals flock to and out of towners plan their travels around. These can’t miss events are a mix of staple Arizona entertainment and a taste of the novelties that make the state great. Here’s a list to make sure you’re in the know, next time these events come around.

Get Your Fix

There’s a local burger joint in Scottsdale that draws a lot of patrons, Rehab Burger Therapy. The restaurant’s menu sports a dozen or more burger options, including specialties like the gravy and French fry cover poutine burger. This unique mix of classic burger joint and innovative options is what makes the restaurant so endearing; and the new ideas work! You don’t need to look at the mac and cheese burger with a fear of being intrepid; this joint knows what they are doing when they make their burger combos. So grab a fresh beer from Rehab Burger Therapy and get a PB&J with bacon burger on order.

More Than a Ballroom

In Phoenix there’s a special little spot called the Crescent Ballroom.  This “ballroom” brings in the best music has the offer, with classic locals playing throughout the week as well as developing touring bands such as Cold War Kids, Active Child, and Chelsea Wolfe. You can dance in the large venue or get a drink from the full bar, with local drinks cocktails named after the Arizona desert.  You don’t even need music here to hang out, the Crescent Ballroom has a full restaurant and patio in the heart of Phoenix, where its perfectly acceptable to grab a bite to eat and experience Phoenix life.

Community Favorite

Scottsdale hosts beloved Chaparral Park, complete with a lake. A park may not sound incentivizing at first, but this location is expansive and pretty. This is a great spot to hang out and experience, there’s funny ducks, rolling hills, and this is one of a series of bike trails and running paths. You see, Scottsdale has a green belt, a several mile long trail winding through parks and scenic areas of the city, perfect as a bike path or spot for runners; Chaparral Park is one location in the mix. If you want to get in touch with nature, here’s where to go.

Cowboy Life

There’s a unique Western town that has a sense of identity like no other, Rawhide Western Town. This attraction doesn’t take itself too seriously, as cowboys walk the streets cracking jokes and getting into the occasional gun fight. Visitors can walk the town’s gift shop, experience the restaurant, try a variety of the games, like “bull riding”, and watch the Arizona Rough Riders; a local stunt group who preform rip roaring western sketches that involve shootouts and high falls as they reenact classic tales such as Doc Holiday.  If you want to take a trek in time back to the Wild West, stop by Rawhide.