Best Summer Festivals in Scottsdale

When the temperatures climb early, Scottsdale uses that as an excuse to start summer early—including all the festivals that come with it! If you’re planning on visiting Scottsdale in summer 2018, you’ll want to make sure to check out these Scottsdale events while you’re in town.

Cinco de Mayo Downtown Phoenix Festival

Being so close to Mexico, you can bet Arizona takes Cinco de Mayo seriously! This year, the Maricopa area is celebrating it a day late—Sunday, May 6th will be the day of the Phoenix Downtown Cinco de Mayo Festival, and it’ll be big! Tickets range from $10 to $60, and will get you access to live music, Hispanic ballet shows, Mexican wrestling, and more! The party’s happening on Washington Street in Downtown Phoenix.

Summer Concerts in the Park

California music festivals get most of the glory, but there’s plenty of music right here in Scottsdale—for free! More of a program than a festival, these summer concerts bring out crowds eager to here talented cover bands and up-and-coming artists. As the temperature drops with the sun, these concerts are great for going out and enjoying the warm breezes of the summer evenings. They’re held in Railroad Park each Sunday, 7:30 to 9 p.m., in Railroad Park. It’s on the southeast side of Scottsdale Road and Indian Bend, just a bit over two miles from the Loop 101.

Scottsdale Fahrenheit Festival

Sure, there aren’t a large amount of summer festivals where summer highs breach 110 degrees. But, for those tough enough, the Scottsdale Fahrenheit Festival will bring the heat! The goal of the festival is to turn things up with jalapeno-eating contests, fast-pitch contests, arm-wrestling, and more, in an event whose tagline is “arms, legs, and kegs.” So whether you’re looking for a chance to sample lots of alcohol and some spicy foods or want to test your physical mettle, this inaugural festival is your place to be!

The Scottsdale festival is happening Saturday, June 16th. Westworld of Scottsdale, the event’s location, is just beyond the northeastern corner of the Loop 101. Take the 101 to get there.

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