Desert Seafood…Where Can I Find Fresh Seafood in the middle of the Desert?

So you’re visiting the Phoenix Metropolitan area, a region surrounded by miles and miles of arid desert land, and suddenly, after a long day spent shopping and visiting museums, you develop a craving for some fresh, delicious…seafood! Your husband thinks you are crazy, your kids look at you like you’ve temporarily lost your sanity and even that voice inside your head is questioning your mental stability…loudly and unashamedly…but the stomach wants what the stomach wants, right?   Well you can relax, stop worrying and tell your husband to send away the little men in white coats, because surprisingly, Phoenix has a great selection of seafood restaurants that serve only the tastiest and freshest of sea creatures!

Seafood Staples

No story on seafood in Phoenix would be complete without mentioning a desert staple that has been in business since 1971…The Salt Cellar.  This little gem of a place is unique in that the restaurant is located underground, hence the cellar part of its name!  Fresh seafood from around the world is The Salt Cellars claim to fame…May we recommend the shrimp San Remo, a shrimp dish served with sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts and Portobello mushrooms?  Or if you’re REALLY hungry, the Steak and Lobster is not only delectably delicious, but filling as well! Located at 550 N Hayden Rd in Scottsdale, stop in for Happy Hour and enjoy their oyster bar selections along with a refreshing adult beverage!

Seafood with a modern twist

IN 2013 an unassuming motorcycle garage on 7th Street in Phoenix morphed into a brick and glass cluster of restaurants known as The Yard…and into this cluster a New Times winner of best new restaurant came, pleasing seafood lovers all over the valley.  This gem, Little Cleo’s Seafood Legend, purveyor of fresh and flavorful ocean treats has changed the way Phoenicians have come to expect seafood to look and taste!  You must try Little Cleo’s version of Bacon & Eggs…house made sturgeon bacon, crème fraiche & toast…did we not mention the modern twist Little Cleo’s puts into everything they make?  We also suggest the grapefruit & elderflower royale as a delicious beverage to accompany your meal…or any other drink from their long list of tantalizing beverages…there really isn’t a wrong choice!  Location: 5632 N Seventh Street, Phoenix

Urban Ocean Fare

Restaurateur Cameron Mitchell is famous for creating the best restaurants in America, and he continued his winning streak with the opening of Ocean Prime on 5455 E High Street in Phoenix.  Ocean Primes award winning seafood (simply voted “Best Seafood”…need we say more?) is a heavenly mix of the freshest ocean fare and local ingredients blended together to create heavenly dishes.  Serving everything from Raw Oysters to Sushi, from their specialty Dutch Harbor Red King Crab Legs (this dish is making a limited appearance, so hurry in and try it!) Lobster Tails, Ocean Prime reigns supreme over Phoenix Seafood!  (And their cocktail selections aren’t too shabby either!)

The List Continues

It is true that the Phoenix of yesteryear was NOT the place to find fresh seafood, but today there are plenty of places whose seafood will make your stomach smile! The three mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg…how can we not discuss Mastro’s Ocean Club, Eddie V’s Prime Seafood, the venerable Chart House, all 3 located in Scottsdale, all 3 having a place on the top 10 best seafood restaurants?  Take a chance on your next visit to the area and sample our seafood…we have a hunch you will be glad you did!