Dog-Friendly Activities and Attractions in Scottsdale

Vacations with the family can be some of the best times of our lives as we explore places we have never visited before, dine at new restaurants, and spend extended time together as we simply can’t in real life; work, school, and other obligations are no longer an obstacle while we experience our annual family getaway. But wait a minute: Can it truly be called a family vacation when you often leave the most loyal of your family members behind to be watched by strangers? Many places we visit do not appreciate or allow the family pet, resulting in a family vacation that lacks the heart of the family, our dogs. Fortunately, this isn’t an issue with a Book My Vacay pet-friendly Arizona vacation rental, and as such, we are providing this list of dog-friendly activities in Scottsdale.

Dog Friendly Activities in Scottsdale: Where to Play

Arizonans truly appreciate the joys of pet ownership, offering many fun activities that welcome your precious pooches. From dog parks that offer an opportunity for socializing and exercise to hiking trails that are perfect for letting Fido burn off all that excess energy, the dog-friendly atmosphere in Scottsdale makes it one of the more popular vacation destinations for pet owners.

The Horizon Dog Park at 15440 North 100 Street is a perfect example, featuring water fountains for your pet, a shaded area for you to sit as your dog romps, and a water feature that keeps dust down while allowing your pet to cool off on the hottest days.

The Gateway Trailhead, at 18333 North Thompson Peak Parkway, is a trail that is fun for both 2-legged and 4-legged children, offering a selection of trails, including a half mile nature walk that the younger children will love. Leashed pets are enthusiastically welcomed, although their human parents may be shunned if they forget to clean up after their fur babies!

Su Vino Vinery at 7035 East Main Street may just be our favorite pet friendly activity. Wine AND our cute canine companions? How could it not be! Sample the fruits of Arizona and Texas vineyards on a covered patio as sweet Fido enjoys his bowl of fresh, cool, and tasty water at your side.

And finally, after a day of hiking, playing, and exploring, nothing tastes better than a cold beer and a hot sandwich on the patio of Duke’s Sports Bar & Grill at 7607 E McDowell Road. Watch the big game with your tired pet snoozing comfortably next to you. This Arizona vacation gets better every day!

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