Family Fun on Vacation

Vacation is about fun. You could sit at your resort all day and have a great time, but typically the most impactful memories are created with events. Arizona is an excellent spot for fun times, with family events of all types. This guide will let you know of the some of the best activities in Arizona to create unforgettable memories.

Classic Rides and Cotton Candy

Fairs are the best. The smells of fried fair food, the exhibits, and rides all work together to create a classic. Young kids have great thrills riding the tall Ferris wheel, and adults have the joy of nostalgia as they go around on the wheel, too. It’s an escape to an easier world where cotton candy and corn dogs are staples. The Arizona State Fair doesn’t hold back during its Fall arrival. If you’re in town, be sure to bring the whole family. There’s something for the whole family; adults can do moonshine tastings, and kids can try the petting zoo!

Knights and Princesses
Fairs are great, but if you’re a romantic, this festival which harkens back to the Renaissance era may be your spot. The Arizona Renaissance Festival brings the best of fair life together with the fun of medieval times. Court jesters roam the streets cracking jokes, knights joust each other in the arena, and you’ll find the best of castle food, with large mutton legs for you to nibble at lunch. For the best experience, you can even dress up to fit the era!


Perhaps the highlight of the Renaissance Festival are the fun shows you can watch, offering comedy, arts and crafts, music, and theatre, all with a medieval twist.  The Renaissance Festival of 2016 runs on the weekends from February 6th to March 27th. Some of the activities can be a bit crude, as was fitting for the era, but there are plenty of child friendly things, too.

Home On the Range

No Southwest adventure would be complete without cowboys, and Rawhide Western Town knows it.  This town is open nearly all year round and is great for kids! There are several fun activities – from hay rides full of pun-filled cowboy humor to a miniature “bull ride”. It’s not just exhibits and activities, its real life! Cowboys roam the streets getting into shoot outs and putting guests into jail. You better be prepared for a wild ride of laughs, pard’ner.


The park is free for entry (except for special events) but if you want to see one of the amazing stunt shows by the Arizona Rough Riders, who reenact classic western history as they jump off buildings and throw around dynamite, it’s around $5 a ticket.

Arizona, History in the Making
There’s so much to do in Arizona that you shouldn’t hesitate to bring the whole family. It’s a wonderful state full of fairs and thematic elements sure to keep you entertained! Check out our rentals if you need a place to stay!