Five Ways to Keep Your Cool During the Dog Days of Summer

You start to feel it the moment you exit your plane and enter the jetway at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix: The walls of the jetway seem to pulsate in the scorching heat, the floor feels warm through the soles of your shoes, and your long hair begins to feel like a mink coat wrapped over your head and around your neck and shoulders.

You’ve officially arrived in summertime Phoenix, and the next few days will be an exercise in how to stay cool when the metal on the seatbelts of your rental car sears the skin on your hands! Summer life in the desert can take some getting used to, but we’ve lived here for decades and have all the tips on how to stay cool in Phoenix when the thermometer rises over 100 degrees!

Go to the Movies

It’s always chilly inside a movie theater, and the summer blockbusters means you will always have something good to see! Harkins and AMC are the two main theater chains in the area, but recently some new contenders are offering drinks and dinner during the main event; the Alamo Draft House Cinema in Chandler serves up some mean burgers and craft beers!

Hit the Waterpark

Bringing back memories of your childhood, a day spent in a Phoenix area waterpark is destined to be a hit with all the members of your family! Big Surf in Tempe, Wet & Wild in Phoenix, or Golfland Sunsplash in Mesa are the big three—just don’t forget to reapply your sunscreen!

Can’t Get Much Cooler than Ice

Ice skating, that is! AZ Ice in Gilbert offers public sessions and lessons to all that are interested, as does Oceanside Arena in Tempe and the Ice Den in Chandler. We’re getting goosebumps just thinking about all that ice!

OdySea Aquarium

Yes, we have an aquarium in the desert, and it is more than cool in temperature; it’s just plain cool! Offering a one of a kind “aquarium in the round” experience, a creepy crawly room, and a beautiful butterfly garden (you might want to save the butterflies for a cooler visit, they are outside), staying cool in Phoenix has never been so fun!

Stay Home

Admit it, you were wowed by your Book My Vacay rental, and the luxury amenities—including the pool—are way too cool to ignore. Fill the refrigerator with your favorite beverages, grab a pool float and sunscreen, and step outside to your private pool to stay cool in Phoneix. Life is chill in Phoenix, even in the summertime! Book your luxury Book My Vacay home today and prepare for the vacation of a lifetime!