From frightful weather to delightful days…Phoenix ranks high on the list for best holiday vacation destination!

For those of you who live up north, as wonderful as the holidays can be, the dismal weather can make everything miserable!  Day after day of steel gray skies, wet, bone chilling cold, and nights that last forever…it’s difficult to feel festive when you can’t feel your fingers and toes and warmth is just a distant memory.  Fortunately for you, a recent study of 69 cities confirms what we desert dwellers have always known, the Phoenix/Scottsdale metropolitan area is the 4th best holiday destination.  (Ok…we obviously believe it should be ranked number 1, but some pesky beach towns snuck in and stole all the limelight with their oceans!)

Phoenix/Scottsdale leaves a little extra jingle in your jeans!

With only a few towns in Texas ranking higher, the Phoenix/Scottsdale is a lower cost alternative to all the beach towns on this list, ranking number 4, the desert rules when it comes to spending less and getting more.  Holidays are so expensive, isn’t it nice knowing you will have a little extra in your wallet to spend on your family during your winter vacation getaway?  Even airfare costs run low and being centrally located most airlines from all over the world fly into and out of Sky Harbor International, daily.  (Tucson, the number 5 ranked city will forever come in behind Phoenix in that area…it’s not an easy city to get to!)

On the 6th day of Christmas my husband gave me…FroYo?

It’s true, when it comes to attractions, Tucson earned a higher ranking…they have a bit more coffee houses and tea shops overall than we Phoenicians,  and more public sports fields and courts, but life is about more than caffeine, golf, tennis and baseball; it’s about quality restaurants…and basketball! (Tucson does not even compare!)  Oh and don’t forget the ice cream and frozen yogurt shops…those little babies helped us slide into the 12th spot in attractions!  (Las Vegas wins this area hands down…who’s surprised?)

Are you dreaming about a warm Christmas?

Then Arizona is where you want to be writing your Christmas cards this year!  With over 236 hours of sunshine and an average high of 66 degrees, the desert is your friend…and ranks number 3 on the list! (Whatever, sunny California…Arizona will always rank number 1 in our hearts!)  You can rock around the tree lighting ceremony in only a tee shirt and jeans (shorts are generally THE clothing article of choice for all the New Englanders who visit!) or  Christmas Shop around the clock in one of our many outdoor malls…our warm weather activities are plentiful, even if we only earned an 18!

Santa’s waiting…

You can top the nice list in the desert…Las Vegas, San Diego, and Los Angeles may have topped Wallet Hub’s list, but we know the jolly old guy loves Phoenix best…and so will you!