Music in Downtown Phoenix: Best Places to Catch a Live Show in Phoenix!

People flock to Phoenix every year for vacation due to our amazing weather. Nine months out of the year we have the best weather in the country. This provides for a lot of great events and productions coming to the valley during these peak vacation times. One of the best things we get in droves in Phoenix is the amazing set of bands that love stopping here on tours. Whether the band is big or small, we see a lot of top acts come through the valley. If you are looking to catch a live show while here, make sure you check out one of these amazing live show venues.

Crescent Ballroom

The Crescent Ballroom is a classic Phoenix music venue that hosts a number of different bands every year. Whether you like pop, indie, hip-hop, rock, or anything in between, you are bound to find it at the Crescent Ballroom. By day, the Crescent Ballroom is a bar and lounge with a background of soundtracks that will help you relax. By night, the bar and lounge shows its utility and transforms into a versatile venue for any show. Not only does this venue host indoor shows, but it also boasts an outdoor stage as well.

The Monarch Theatre

If you love EDM or DJ’s mixing music live, the Monarch Theatre is the place to visit. Local and national DJ’s love to place this exciting Phoenix venue due to the great facility and the wonderful fans. The high end 30,000 watt sound system is the best in the business and you will be able to feel the music at this amazing venue.

Yucca Tap Room

If you are looking for more of that close dive bar style music venue, Yucca Tap Room is your dream place. This amazing venue specializes in rock music and gets some of the best local and national bands around. Much like small music clubs of the past, Yucca Tap Room is a close up show that gives you the whole experience. Grab one of their inexpensive beers on tap and experience that classic rock show experience.

If you are looking for a great trip full of new musical experiences, Phoenix is the place to visit. With our great weather and amazing venues you will not be disappointed with any music experience in our great city.