Now Open: The OdySea Aquarium in Scottsdale!

We can imagine there were lots of things you imagined you would be doing in Scottsdale when you first started planning your Arizona vacation: horseback riding through the desert, buying turquoise and silver at classy boutiques, eating authentic Mexican food at every single meal. But we are pretty sure you never once gave thought to visiting an aquarium; you’re in the desert, right? Well, the one thing you can count on is your Arizona vacation is going to be unlike any vacation you have ever experienced, and the OdySea Aquarium, located at 9500 East Via de Ventura in Scottsdale, just celebrated its opening day on September 3, offering you the opportunity to visit the water and explore the creatures who inhabit those waters right out in the middle of the Sonoran Desert. Featuring live exhibits, movies, educational opportunities, and even the chance to purchase ocean-themed art, this is one experience you will kick yourself for missing out on!

The Exhibits

With over 200,000 square feet of surface space and over 2 million gallons of water, OdySea is guaranteed not to disappoint. Starting out in the Aqua Lobby, a room filled with nine aquariums in the shape of a globe that hang over your head filled with fish from all over the world, these gargantuan tanks can only be found here and will have you wondering how they accomplished this phenomenon long after you have returned to your everyday life. Ending at the Sharks of the Deep exhibit, which features an escalator ride through a shark’s tank—yes, you will be safely undersea watching eight different species of sharks and many other sea creatures glide over and around you—THIS will be the key moment in your Scottsdale vacation, the experience you find yourself talking about for years to come. In between, you will be amazed and in awe at the varied sea life exhibits to be found at this oasis in the desert.

Encounters and Tours

OdySea is more than just a place to look at the pretty fish and deadly sharks, though; they offer a variety of tours and encounters that give you an up close and personal look at life under the sea. The Penguin Interactive Program (PIP) allows you to explore the lifestyles of our tuxedoed friends. Everyone knows the story of penguins mating for life, but did you know they are also amazing parents? The SeaTrek Helmet Diving program actually gives you a chance to get in the water with and become one with the sea, as you don wetsuits and helmets and step bravely where thousands have gone before!

Book My Vacay

OdySea offers all that we’ve listed above, along with so much more than we can list here in the space allowed! Book your luxury Book My Vacay vacation home today and experience a true oasis in the desert. Scottsdale is more than turquoise, Mexican food and Arabian horses, and we can’t wait for you to experience the place we love above all others!