One Day in Scottsdale

A Plan of Activities and Events on your First Day!

Don’t stress about a schedule while on vacation, you’re supposed to relax. After all, you just arrived in Arizona at a comfortable midmorning, leaving behind the worries of home – so what now? Well first, welcome to Scottsdale!  This guide by Book My Vacay will serve as your personal guide, holding your hand through your first day in the pristine town of Scottsdale, providing easy access fun. It’s important that your stay be enjoyable, so let’s get started.

The Finest Scottsdale Brunch

First things first, you’re probably hungry after a long plane ride so how about a good brunch? Noci Café boasts a fine menu in a spacious and clean café environment.  They have double espressos for just $2 and if you’re hungry, they have a full range of flakey pastries and even a well review Greek salad if you’re looking for a full meal. Or if you prefer somewhere super quick rather than sitting at a café, D’lish is of note; a drive through coffee and breakfast café with quality of the best sits down establishments. It’s a wonder there aren’t more of these in existence!

Golf Anyone?

You probable need to do something active to shake off the feeling of sitting for several hours. What better than a game of golf in the state with over 200 course in the Phoenix area?  The Silverado Gold Club is the destination, offering  an 18-hole course with a 70 par. At this course you can firsthand experience the classic desert landscape of which Arizona is known.  There’s a pro shop and all the regular amenities; driving range, putting area, ect. If for some reason gold isn’t your thing, no problem, there’s plenty of hiking around.

Hiking Anywhere, Anytime

Hiking is in abundance in Scottsdale; there’s mountains all around.  The Sonoran Reserve is a great hub offering nearly a dozen hiking options of different skills and lengths just east of Scottsdale. Because the Arizona days can get hot, it’s preferable to hit these hills before sundown when it’s nice and cool. But if you don’t mind the heat, by all means break a sweat and enjoy the beautiful landscape of the Arizona Mountains.

Dinner and a Show

You’ve been acquainted with the Scottsdale area and have burned through a good part of the day, now it’s time to go out on the town. Old town Scottsdale is a downtown area offering a peak Scottsdale experience in a surprisingly small area.  It’s best to walk this section of town and eat based on where your heart pulls you, however if you want some recommendations, Old Town Tortilla Factory is known for handmade Mexican meals and a fun hacienda style. After your meal, keep walking the area, there’s plenty of art galleries, street museums, and nightlife to keep you occupied for a long time!

Day 1, Success

Hopefully your first day wraps up satisfactorily. There’s plenty to do in Scottsdale where the future days should be easy to fill now that you have seen some hot spots of the town. Scottsdale is a vacation hotspot for a reason, done hesitate to check it out!