Scottsdale and Phoenix on a Budget

Traveling anywhere can be expensive, and we at understand better than anyone not only how hard you work for your money, but also just how much you expect to get for what you pay for.  Fortunately, in the age of the internet, travel and activity savings sites are all the rage.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a lot of fun; sometimes all it takes is a bit of research and creativity.  Keep reading for ideas on how to make your vacation to the Phoenix/Scottsdale area exciting and inexpensive!

Groupon is great, but it’s not the only savings site online

Scottsdale and Phoenix are two of the most beautiful cities in the Southwest, but can be expensive if you aren’t careful.  We found that with the bare minimum of research, and just by typing saving sites like Groupon into the search engine, at least eight different savings sites popped up!  So while groupon is a great site…and the most popular one…sites like Living Social, Yuupon, and Living Social Adventures or Getaways can help you make your Southwest Adventure a wallet friendly one!

Activities sure to please every budget

So it’s almost Halloween and you find yourself in Phoenix with your kids, what better way to get into the holiday spirit than by shooting paintballs at Zombies?  Living Social offers a 25% off coupon to Zombie Warz, an Arizona desert adventure spent riding in the back of Zombie Assault Vehicles shooting paintball pellets at Zombies who cannot shoot back!  If your children are younger, eight dollars buys an admission to Howl-O-Ween at the Phoenix Zoo…trick or treating, carnival games, the extinct animal graveyard…all guaranteed to bring out the smiles on your little ghoul or goblin’s faces.  If you’re there with your significant other, Living Social also offers nearly 50 percent off on a romantic hot air balloon ride with champagne breakfast for 2…the love of your life will be awed at how romantic you can be and you will be amazed at how little you have spent…can’t go wrong with that!

Pack your bags for a fun-filled Fall Southwest Adventure

Scottsdale and Phoenix are at their finest in the cool autumn months and you can experience the best they have to offer without breaking your bank!  You can check out the online savings sites, follow restaurants on their Facebook pages for cool deals or even research the calendar of events on each city’s website to find the best deals around…with just a little effort your Desert Vacation will be a memorable one…just not a budget breaking one!