Snow in Arizona: The Top Places to Visit for Your Desert Snow Fix

Snow? In the desert? Get out of here! For many first time Arizona visitors, when they picture our state, they envision miles of desert filled with cacti and rattlesnakes, with the sun relentlessly beating down on the hapless inhabitants of said desert. And while in many cases they are absolutely correct, many of the mountains that frame the desert offer cool relief in the summer, and awesome places to ski, snowboard, or sled during the winter!

Some of the towns in the northern part of our state even experience all four seasons, believe it or not, and we native desert dwellers take advantage of their cool greenness as often as we can! If we have captured your attention, here’s some info on where to go for snowy winter adventures  with snow in Arizona!

First Off, Let’s Talk Equipment Rentals!

If you have your own and are planning on bringing it along, you can skip to the next paragraph to learn where to go to ski, but for those who need to rent their skis, this paragraph remains vitally important! Yes, it is possible to rent equipment from the ski resorts, but you can count on paying higher prices if you wait. If you are staying in the Phoenix Metropolitan area, Ski Pro is our top choice for ski rentals, and they have multiple locations around the valley. Offering great service from knowledgeable staff, they will be glad to answer your questions as they are fitting you for everything you will need on your winter excursion to the mountains!

Now Let’s Get to the Good Stuff; Where’s the Snow?

There are a few areas in the state where you can go to experience sledding fun in the snow, but the two big players are what will probably interest you most! Arizona Snowbowl in Flagstaff is a popular favorite, offering the opportunity to ski or board on 55 trails and having eight lifts available to take you to the highest points. During seasons with less than stellar snowfalls, they augment the base with manmade stuff which is still wet, cold, and fluffy—just like the natural snow!

Sunrise Park Resort, located in Greer, Arizona is another local favorite and features 800 acres of skiable land, with 65 trails and 10 lifts; their season starts a little bit after Snowbowl, but it’s still a fun place to get your swoosh on!

Vacationing in the Winter Doesn’t Mean You Have to Give Up Your Snow Play!

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