Things to Do in Arizona for the New Year

Arizona is the perfect escape from the snow when planning a vacation early in the year. This jewel in the southwest offers an array of activities and attractions to enjoy, no matter whether you’re looking for warm weather to escape the cold or interested in skiing or snowboarding down the mountains. A unique combination of vacation destinations within a short drive of each other makes Arizona the perfect place to visit to start 2018 off right!

Arizona’s Wonderful Weather

Tired of all the snow in your hometown? While all tourists know that Arizona gets insanely hot during the summer, many do not know about it’s perfect temperatures in the 60s and 70s during the winter season.

Want a winter getaway? Flagstaff and Prescott, just a few hours north of Phoenix and Scottsdale, offer the winter wonderland you’ve dreamed of visiting. These sleepy forest towns look absolutely gorgeous when blanketed by soft snow, and our homes in the area will let you escape the chill air when you need.

Get Outdoors

With perfect weather come perfect opportunities to get outside and explore Arizona’s beautiful scenery and the many fun things to do in Arizona. Spend your days outside exploring the sprawling downtown Phoenix community, check out all of the insanely good restaurants, bars, and shopping centers that call Scottsdale home, or head just out of the Phoenix area and explore the wild Superstition Springs Mountains with a wonderful day hike. If you’re missing the cold weather of back home, head up north to Flagstaff and tear down Snowbowl, home to some of the best skiing trails in the southwest.


January 13 – 21, Barret-Jackson returns to Scottsdale for one of the biggest collector car auctions of the year. See hot rods, historic automobiles, and the latest and greatest sports cars in one place. Automobile enthusiasts will love visiting Barret-Jackson, and there’s plenty to see and do at this huge event.

Start Your New Year in the Desert

Is Arizona beginning to sound like your next great vacation destination? These are just a few of the endless selection of events and outdoor activities you can enjoy when you choose to vacation with Book My Vacay. For more information about activities, attractions, and events in the area, or to book a stay with us, give one of our reservation specialists a call today; we can’t wait to see you in Arizona!