Top 5 Spring Outdoor Activities in Scottsdale, Arizona

tiger scratching a tree trunk

Arizona might be known to most as a roasting oven during the summer months, with temperatures hitting over 110 degrees in the desert. But if you are looking for the perfect spring temperature to escape the cold back home, then start planning your next spring vacation to Scottsdale, Arizona! This vacation haven offers perfect temperatures that will allow you to enjoy the outdoors for the entire duration of your trip. And with so much to do in Scottsdale, you might need a little help finding the area’s best outdoor attractions. Here are the top five spring outdoor activities in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Desert Botanical Garden and Phoenix Zoo

Scottsdale is an outdoor adventurer’s dream location. The Desert Botanical Garden holds over 50,000 desert plants, including cacti, agaves, trees, and more that make up the world’s greatest collection all in one spot. The garden is just down the street from the Phoenix Zoo, where you and your family can visit many amazing creatures. Tickets can be purchased online for your convenience.

Hike Camelback Mountain

If you ask any locals about the top hiking spot, you will most likely be told that Camelback Mountain is the only place to be. This picturesque location offers trails for all skill levels and provides a view of the iconic Arizona sunset. If you are on the adventurous side and make it to the top, you will be rewarded with a 360-degree view of the city.

Salt River Tubing

Another attraction you may not expect would be a populous river flowing just outside of the greater Phoenix metropolitan area. However, the Salt River provides a relaxing tour on water tubes or kayaks to explore the Arizona outdoors. Tour groups are available for those who want to travel in large groups. Packing your cooler with your favorite beverages is encouraged. Plan ahead and purchase tickets online.

Some of the Greenest Golf Courses

Golfing is one of Scottsdale’s greatest pastimes, with courses littered all around the valley. Scottsdale’s perfect spring temperatures encourage you to stay on the green for the entire day while working on your swing. Top Golf recently opened up at Talking Stick Resort as well, providing a lively venue to practice your game.

Historic Old Town Scottsdale

Finally, Scottsdale is home to the historic Old Town district, where a variety of shops, boutiques, restaurants, and bars offer something for the whole family. Most restaurants and bars understand the benefit of perfect Arizona spring temperatures and provide lots of patio space. When visiting Scottsdale for your spring vacation, remaining outdoors is a must! Browse our extensive vacation rentals catalog and book your stay with us today.