Top Attractions for the Night Owl in Phoenix

Let’s face it, there are two types of people in this world we live in today: the ones who go to bed at a decent time, get enough sleep, and start each morning refreshed and ready to face the day, and the night owls. A night owl comes alive when the rest of the world is sleeping deeply and may have only seen the sunrise from the windows of a diner as they consume the hangover special and prepare to head back home to their darkened abode (black-out curtains and blinds are VERY important to the night owl!) to “pass out” until a reasonable time much later in the day!

Vacations can be excruciating to night owls; most attractions and activities are geared towards the early to rise group, and while the night owl can adapt for short periods, vacations can leave them feeling exhausted, cranky, and out of sorts! When you plan your vacation in the Phoenix area, however, you will soon discover that we truly appreciate the quirky habits of a night owl and offer quite a few things to do at night in Phoenix that will help keep you on your “regularly scheduled program!”

Night Hiking

It gets hot in the desert in the summer, so night hikes are the perfect way to get out there and get some fresh air without scorching the skin off the tip of your nose! The Lost Dutchman State Park offers night hikes for the night owl—just visit their website at for information on guided tours. Remember, the desert comes alive when the moon rises making night hikes one of the best things to do at night in Phoenix!


Phoenix comes to life when the sun sets, and the nightlife is a cosmopolitan mix of the intense, the interesting, and the zany! Plan your escape from a western bank heist, an apartment, or even a submarine at Escape the Room AZ, where weekend hours have the last escape starting at 11:00 PM. Stand Up Live features some of your favorite comedians (and some who are about to become your new favorites!) and their late weekend show starts at 10:00 PM. For the clubbers out there, the entire Phoenix metropolitan area is known for its exciting clubs and parties; keep your eyes open and you may even spot a celebrity or two. The Gypsy Bar in Phoenix is one of our favorite nighttime play areas! Needless to say there are plenty of awesome things to do at night in Phoenix.

Your Book My Vacay Vacation Home

Who says you need to go out to have a good time? Chances are all the fun you will need can be found in your vacation rental. Moonlight swims, hot tub shenanigans, late night refrigerator raids—all this can be yours with a simple click of the mouse! Book yours today and discover the joys of Phoenix things to do at night in Phoenix!