Top Summer Events in Arizona

May is fast approaching, along with the end of the school year, meaning it’s time to start planning for that annual tradition: summer vacation! This much-needed break from reality occurs every year at this time, and it’s quite possible you have no idea what you want to do—just a vague desire to do something different—which is something we can help you with! May we suggest a wild west vacation in our favorite place on Earth: the state of Arizona? Pool parties in Scottsdale, museums in Phoenix, hiking and exploring in Flagstaff, the list of exciting adventures just waiting for you grows longer each year. Here’s some of our favorite summer activities to peak your interest!

Phoenix Comicon – May 25 Through May 27

While technically not summer yet, you won’t notice the difference since the temperatures will probably be close to summer highs! Phoenix Comicon is a reasonably priced event that takes place at the Phoenix Convention Center every year and allows you to get up close and personal with all your favorite comic characters, movie stars, artists, and writers. Dress up in your favorite cosplay costume and start the summer season off with a bang!

The Tucson 23 Mexican Food Festival – June 17

If you visit the great Southwest, one thing you can be sure of is having the opportunity to eat some of the best Mexican food in the entire country. This food festival celebrates 23 miles of the best Mexican food you have ever tasted! Tickets cost $49 dollars and aren’t just good for Mexican food; they also offer tastings of local wineries and breweries. Mexican food can make you very thirsty!

Hopi Festival in Flagstaff – July 1st & 2nd

While the central and southern parts of Arizona can be scorching hot during the summer, the northern parts of Arizona stay mild and temperate, and the Hopi Festival in Flagstaff offers a taste of the Old West without bringing on the heat! Featuring the traditional music, stories, dance, and arts and crafts of the Hopi Indians, this festival just may become the highlight of your trip!

43rd Annual Prescott Antique Auto Club Watson Lake Show – August 5th & 6th

A little further south than Flagstaff, but still a town that stays cool during the dog days of summer, Prescott is home the Antique Auto Club Watson Lake Show, featuring raffles, antique cars, and even a few oldies but goodies that are up for sale!

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