Top Thai Restaurants in Arizona

When you visit Arizona, you probably expect amazing steakhouses and authentic Mexican cuisine unlike any other state, but were you aware that our Thai restaurants rank among the best in the country? We’ve compiled a list of our favorite Thai restaurants in the Phoenix Metropolitan area, as well as one from Tucson—enjoy!

The Wild Thaiger in Phoenix

The cute name makes us want to like the place, but it’s the food that keeps us going back time after time! The Wild Thaiger is an award winning, but moderately priced Thai restaurant offering unique and fresh dishes with heat ranging from mild to “oh good grief, get me some water FAST” hot and is open for lunch and dinner. Brave fire eaters need to try their Temple of Fire dish; trust us, you’ll love it! Located at 2631 N Central Avenue in Phoenix.

Nunthaporn’s Thai Cuisine in Mesa

Historic downtown Mesa is home to this authentic Thai restaurant featuring healthy portions, fresh ingredients, and a plethora of exotic spices. Presentation is as important as taste, so count on receiving sumptuous feasts delivered in a colorful and unique setting. Everything is prepared when you order, so it may take a little longer to get your food, but you will find the wait is definitely worth it! Located at 17 West Main Street in Mesa.

Soi 4 Bangkok Eatery in Scottsdale

Chic and modern, Soi 4 serves traditional Thai dishes with a modern twist, featuring the freshest of local ingredients and imported spices. Arizona locals are in love with their Thai Taco (that shouldn’t be a surprise!) which is made with a pan-seared Indian flatbread filled with braised short rib, cucumber, carrot, and chili; it’s spicy, tasty, and quite possibly the best taco we’ve ever tasted! Located at 8787 North Scottsdale Road #104 in the Shops at Peco Ranch Center in Scottsdale.

The Dhaba in Tempe

For years, college students have known that the best place to get tasty and inexpensive Thai food is the Dhaba—and now you know the secret too! Punjabi food served here is simple, rich, and robust; the hearty portions served here mean you will have plenty of leftovers to bring back to your Book My Vacay vacation home to enjoy as a late night snack! Located at 1872 E. Apache Boulevard in Tempe.

Daos Tai Pan’s in Tucson

Just south of the Phoenix metropolitan area in Tucson lies Dao’s Tai Pan’s, a multinational cuisine restaurant serving fresh Vietnamese, Chinese, and of course, Thai cuisine in a casual atmosphere that is colorful and still retains the classic design of an Asian restaurant. Their 5-spice chicken served in a clay pot is one of our favorites! Located at 446 N Wilmot Road in Tucson.

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