Where’s the Beef, Arizona?

Burgers are a classic American entrée; it’s one of the most consumed items. With that being said, quality matters. This guide by Book My Vacay wants to make sure the burgers you eat are the best they can be, and has compiled a list of the most notable, mouthwatering burgers in the area! These burgers may even compete with the best one’s made at home.

Rehab Burger Therapy (Scottsdale)

You have to be careful not to get addicted at this delicious spot. Rehab sports a beach themed interior with a huge burger list that people rave about. Amongst the menu, classics stand out like the spicy mac-n-cheese burger of popular acclaim and ghost burger which contains tear jerking spice.  The rave worthy food here is not just limited to burger, the mac and cheese is considered huge and top notch amongst many other non-beef entrees.  Stop at this wonderful beef center in Scottsdale for a landmark meal.

Churckbox (Tempe)

This hole in the wall Tempe restaurant might look like a shack on the side of the road, but it has a large cult following. Amongst their burgers and fried offerings, the torpedo burger stands out as a victor hosting two green chilies amongst a hefty 1/3 pound burger. You can accompany this meaty sandwich with fried pickles and a fresh microbrew root beer from their tap and sit with a satisfied tummy. The restaurant staff is friendly as they shout with patrons in line about what food to prepare, ensuring the quickest turn around for yummy meats.

Delux (Phoenix)

Phoenix host a one of a kind burger bar. Trendy, niche, and boutique could all be used to describe this wonder, but the environment doesn’t distract from what matters, the food. Delux describes their food as “elevated takes on burgers, fries, and lots of draft beers.” Since 2004 they have partnered with Niman Ranch to ensure all natural, antibiotic and growth hormone free meat, providing an unparalleled taste. Pick any burger off the menu and you’ll be able to find the perfect bubbly accompaniment equaling to the perfect meal.

Ingo’s (Phoenix)

Booze and burgers never go wrong, and Ingo’s seems to have nailed the equation perfectly. Offering delicious sangrias, flavorful burgers, and local brews, Ingo’s Tasty Food is a Phoenix favorite and one that simply shan’t be missed out on. Trust us; if you’re looking for a place to unwind and grab a bite, Ingo’s is the place to be!

Hillstone (Phoenix)

If you’re feeling like dropping a little extra cash for what is truly a legendary burger, Hillstone Restaurant in Phoenix is the place for you. The burgers here are beyond amazing, with the perfect amount of grease and flavor that is sure to make your mouth water. Sure, they may be $21.00 burgers, but they are an experience that must be experienced—or else you’ll truly be missing out. Make sure to check out the rest of the menu too!

Burgers All Around Town

No matter where you are, there’s a quality burger nearby. Whatever city you’re in, you now know the best beef stops. Arizona takes its meat seriously and you reap the benefits.