Chocolate Affaire

22nd Annual Chocolate Affaire

Once the holidays are over, you may start to feel as if you have nothing to look forward to until summer, but we beg to differ. The 22nd Annual Chocolate Affaire, held in Glendale February 3rd through February 5th, is our favorite Arizona winter event. Smart planners scheduled this celebration of the sweet we hold most dear the weekend before Valentine’s Day, allowing your special someone to pick up a treat for you—but of course you don’t need an excuse. Chocolate is meant to be enjoyed any time of the year!

Let’s Hear More About the Chocolate!

Sponsored by Cerreta’s Candy Company, this heavenly weekend features combinations of chocolate you had heretofore only imagined existed; don’t worry, they have the basics as well. Offering something special for everyone, you will find your own sweet treat here!

Kettle corn is always a favorite, but once drizzled in chocolate, it becomes the perfect dessert! Chocolate dipped strawberries are a romantic, tasty, and healthy treat, while chocolate covered cheesecake is both rich and decadent. Purists will insist that only a chocolate bar will do. Finally, the fudgsicle is a special treat for children of all ages.

This is just a start to the many ways the Chocolate Affaire pays homage to chocolate. You’ll just have to visit to discover all the marvels of this sweet—and free—event!

It Only Gets Better from Here!

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