Downtown Scottsdale Rentals

Scottsdale is an elegant town with a special vibe you won’t find anywhere else in the state. Soothing, quiet, yet practically quivering with an internal excitement that lets you know early on this town has a lot to offer, downtown Scottsdale is the place to be! People are friendly and so darn beautiful, you may catch yourself checking twice to determine if that blonde you just passed is someone famous; it’s completely possible that she is! Celebrities love Scottsdale almost as much as they enjoy their own hometowns! We love all of Arizona, but Scottsdale will always hold a large piece of our hearts—something you will understand when you begin your unforgettable Arizona vacation here!


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What to Do While You’re Here

Scottsdale is an exciting city any time of the year, but in January and February, it really shines! The excitement starts in mid-January (1/14 through 1/22 this year) with The Barrett-Jackson Car Auction, featuring luxury vehicles, powerful sports cars, and classic antique vehicles with famous histories.

The end of January brings the Phoenix Waste Management Open to the TPC in Scottsdale. Held January 30th through February 5th, this PGA Tour event is famous for its uber-rowdy 16th hole that changed the way the game is watched way back in 1997 when Tiger Woods hit that hole-in-one.

And finally, horse lovers the world over flock to Scottsdale for the Arabian Horse Show that’s been a popular event since 1955. This year’s 62nd Annual Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show is scheduled for February 16th – 26th and should not be missed.

In addition to the abovementioned events, downtown Scottsdale is famous for its exclusive boutiques, imaginative restaurants, and hopping nightlife. Downtown Scottsdale is where you go when you want to see and be seen!

Our Downtown Scottsdale Vacation Homes

If you’re expecting our downtown Scottsdale vacation rentals to be elegant and upscale, filled with high end furnishings, and just about perfect in every way, we will have to say you are absolutely correct! Whether you are looking for a palatial estate with every luxury you could dream of—and even a few you never knew could exist—or a simple condo with clean lines and elegant décor located in the heart of everything that is wonderful about our quaint city, you will find what you are looking for in one of our Scottsdale downtown rentals.

Holding the Key to Luxury

Book your luxury downtown Scottsdale rental with Book My Vacay today and discover the elegant side of your unforgettable Arizona vacation. For even more fun things to do on your trip, check out