Flagstaff House & Property Rentals Near Golf Hotspots

Wherever you’re headed in Flagstaff, it’s not a bad idea to pack your clubs and take them with you! Healthy, challenging, and a great way to passively enjoy beautiful weather and beautiful scenery, Flagstaff golf is an excellent activity. Sparse land means golf courses are few in Flagstaff, but what they lack in quantity they make up for in quality. Even with limited options, you’re sure to find a course that offers a great morning, afternoon, or all-day round of smacking golf balls.


There are two major courses you should know about if you’re visiting Flagstaff. Located in the eastern part of the city, Timberline Short Nine is the first. While not widely advertised, it’s a standard course for nine holes, and is much more affordable than the city’s prestigious golf clubs. It’s a fair course, accessible by beginners and a good time for experienced players.

The Continental Golf Club, formerly called the Continental Country Club, is the other option for visitors. Open to guests, the club has an 18-hole course, as well as a practice facility. If someone new to the game is coming with you, you can also purchase a lesson ahead of time. The course is challenging, and, like all of Flagstaff, beautiful. If this sounds right up your alley, try booking our Flagstaff Bungalow property or Oakmont Hideaway—these Flagstaff house rentals are less than five minutes away!

Why Here?

A lot goes in to a great golf course, but a major factor is climate. That’s why Flagstaff is an excellent place for golf! May through October, Flagstaff gets plenty of sun and has pleasantly mild summers with an abundance of cool, refreshing breezes. Plus, being light on the aerobics, Flagstaff golf is great for those who aren’t yet acclimated to the elevation. (But despite the cooler temperatures, make sure you bring sunscreen—higher altitudes mean higher susceptibility to sunburns!) The mountain views are gorgeous too, and you’ll want every chance you can get to go out and enjoy them.

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Flagstaff is a small town, so whether you’re staying in the Downtown Historic Retreat or the cozy Flagstaff Bungalow, you won’t be far from a good round of golf! Whichever one of our homes for rent in Flagstaff, AZ you choose, you can rest assured that you’ll have spacious beds to come home to, entertainment at your fingertips, and great eating options nearby. Check through our Flagstaff property rentals and see if they’re available when you are!

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