Golfing Accommodations in Phoenix

If you’re having trouble deciding on a place to stay, might we recommend some place near a golf course? Golfing is an enjoyable and healthy way to spend a morning, an afternoon, or even a whole day, and each course can be played multiple times and still feel like a new experience. Phoenix in particular is a great place to golf! Read on to learn about golf in Phoenix, along with the many Phoenix, Arizona vacation rentals nearby the courses!

Space, Sun, and Service

Land was cheap in Arizona for a long time, so it quickly became ideal for golf courses. You’ll find vast acres of fairways where you’ll never have to worry about a stray ball hitting a car outside the course, and the sense of space really helps you feel like you’ve gotten away from the clutter of civilization.

The American Southwest, where “the skies are not cloudy all day,” rarely suffers inclement weather, meaning your golfing plans are never subject to precipitation. You may be wondering about the heat, but we assure you, golf in Phoenix—even in summer—is feasible! The courses’ employees know the needs of the customers, meaning water and shade is accessible throughout the course. Plus, since many courses are designed to handle the influx of snowbirds in winter, the summer months offer smooth playing with few others to share the courses with. July, December, or any month between them—all are fine for golf in Phoenix!

The Courses

There are over a dozen golf courses in Phoenix, so you’re sure to find one that suits you. Encanto, among the oldest courses in the state, is well suited to the average golfer and is accessible from downtown. The Arizona Grand Golf Course, at the Arizona Grand Resort, prides itself on being a premier golfing destination. The Aguila Golf Course is a newer one featuring two separate courses that can challenge even experienced players.

These are just a few of the courses you’ll find in the area. Depending on which accommodations in Phoenix you book, you may have great access to Scottsdale courses as well. So look around—with the Valley of the Sun’s fantastic freeway system, you’d be amazed at how much is just 30 minutes away!


We’ve got several Phoenix, Arizona vacation rentals that are just a short drive away from a golf course. These range from the spacious 5-bedroom mansion at The Biltmore to the modest yet relaxing 2-bedroom Desert Ridge property; Pueblo Trails and Arcadia Place also offer great golf access. The properties vary in size but never skimp on luxury, always offering yards, pool access, and generously spacious living areas. So look these up and check their availability, and you can get started on planning your own golf getaway!

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