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Money Matters

In today’s economy, many people are apprehensive about how much vacation homes cost, and with good reason. A vacation can quickly rack up quite the bill if you are not careful, and every dollar counts! The good news is that your vacation rental may be cheaper than you expect and the cost may be fairly justified. You may be skeptical, so read on to learn more about your future vacation home cost!

All About the Name Your Own Price Tool

Not sure what you can afford? Our Name your Price tool lets you enter precisely what you want to pay, so you don’t have to look around yourself. Just enter which city you want to stay in, when you’re coming, when you’re leaving, how many bedrooms you want, and what your total budget is, and we’ll come up with some offers. It’s that easy!

Trust us; here at, we want to make sure your vacation is as stress free as possible, and that includes during the planning process! No matter what your budget is, we will find you one that is sure to make your vacation as enjoyable as possible. After all, Book My Vacay has a mission statement to deliver quality experiences to renters. For us, the customer is at the forefront, and the time saved in research and conveniences provided should be worth an extra buck or two – but hopefully you won’t even be paying that

Vacation Homes for a Fair Price

Whether you’re looking for a luxury Scottsdale vacation rental, or a just a budget Phoenix vacation home to get you through a work conference (or anywhere else), Book My Vacay has the home for you. Enter your desired Tucson, Prescott, Phoenix or Scottsdale Vacation rental cost above and see just how true that is today! We can’t wait to hear from you soon.

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