Old Tucson Studios in Tucson AZ


Tucson is a beautiful place that is reminiscent of what many of us have seen in classic westerns. That is exactly what the makers of the movie Arizona thought when they built this old west movie set that sits a few miles to the west of Tucson. Today, that old set is known as Old Tucson Studios in Tucson, AZ. After filming, a local entrepreneur bought the site and reopened it as a studio and a theme park. Today, it is a great place for people to immerse themselves in the history of the area.

One of A Kind Attractions in Arizona

Even if it is your first time in old Tucson, you will probably recognize it. John Wayne starred in four films that took place here. Old Tucson consists of about 50 wood buildings close together along dirt roads. You can find a general store, saloon, a makeshift police station and much more. This is set in the scenic surroundings of Tucson’s rolling mountains and hillsides. It is a quaint village in a beautiful setting that will give you a sense of history unlike any other place.

Things to Do

If you make your way to Old Tucson Studio in Tucson AZ, then you need to take one of the tours around the site. These tours take you on a journey through the past among Tucson’s best recreation of the time between 1850 and 1900. You can also catch many shows that reflect the nature of the old west. The many gunfights are the mainstay of these shows. All of this fun and education is perfect for the whole family!

Many people are intrigued by the old west because of its freedom and quaintness. The Old Tucson Studio is your best chance to immerse yourself in everything you love about it. Make sure you check it out during your next visit to Arizona, and contact us to learn more about the top attractions in Arizona!

Photo By Larry D. Moore, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=3307664