Stay Near Old Tucson – Vacation Rentals in Tucson, AZ

You may think Old Tucson is like Old Town Scottsdale—it’s an easy mistake, the names are misleading—but it’s actually a theme park! Lying outside the city outskirts, Old Tucson is a major tourist attraction that really captures spirit of the Wild West. Imagine a Renaissance Festival that’s open half the year and celebrates the American Southwest of the 1870s—that’s Old Tucson! You can enjoy proximity to this exciting attraction by staying in any of our lovely vacation rentals in Tucson, AZ.

Old Tucson Theme Park

Old Tucson began as a tourist attraction thanks to its ties to Hollywood; over three hundred movies and TV shows have been filmed here! Film aficionados can enjoy tours highlighting this history, but the fun goes far beyond that. The park features musical performances—from Mexican folklorio to old-time banjos—comedy, unbelievable stunt performances, and one of the Wild West’s defining characteristics: gun fights!

Other family-friendly attractions in Old Tucson include panning for gold, train rides, a carousel, and shooting galleries. You can also get to see horses up close, working hard at pulling the iconic stagecoach. And of course, what theme park would be complete without some good food? Nachos, pretzels, barbeque, pizza, wings, ice cream, fudge—Old Tucson has it all. Stop by the Grand Palace Saloon and enjoy a live performance with your snack or meal!


Old Tucson is open from July to December, but only on weekends. Check Old Tucson’s website for hours.

Why Here?

Old Tucson makes a great day trip, but there’s plenty more to the city than that. You can enjoy the beauty of the American Southwest with dozens of hiking trails, over a half-dozen golf courses, the Tucson Botanical Gardens, and the Tucson Mountain Park. It’s also rich in history and culture, hosting the Pima Air and Space Museum, the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, and the Frankin Auto Museum.

All of this enjoys the backdrop of Tucson’s weather. With mild winters, Tucson is a welcome break from harsher climates any time between late September and late May. Why not book your stay in one of our Tucson rental homes for a weekend sometime between September and December and visit Old Tucson while you’re here?

Available Rentals in Tucson, AZ

Old Tucson is located far enough outside the main city that pretty much any place either in the southern half or western half of the city itself has equal access to it. With easy access to the I-10, our luxurious five-bedroom Starry Point property is the best option for accessibility. Why not bring some friends along to share the cost in this spacious luxury getaway? Old Tucson does group rates, after all, and while our Tucson rental homes are already a great deal, they’re practically a steal when you split the cost with friends!