Events Lodging in Scottsdale AZ

Life offers many excuses for the opportunity to travel to Arizona. Your next trip doesn’t have to be the stereotypical family vacation. Sometimes it’s the big events in our lives that can be the impetus for travel; a special birthday party, a family reunion, or even a wedding celebration can be events best held in Scottsdale! And if you’re worried about finding accommodations for your guests and family members, don’t be! Book My Vacay has the perfect rentals to suit any occasion! Learn more about Scottsdale AZ vacation home rentals below:

Why Scottsdale?

Have you ever seen the sun set over the McDowell Mountains on a cool winter night? The sky turns a fiery mix of reds, purples, and golds, sending the mountains and desert landscape into a sharp silhouette that almost doesn’t seem real! And although planning a major life event around a perfect sunset seems a little off, that sunset is just one of many reasons your event should be held here.

The city of Scottsdale retains a bit of its wild west past, even as it has evolved into a cosmopolitan urban setting filled with fine dining establishments, high end shopping boutiques, and major sporting events that draws people from all over the world. And did we mention the weather? While you’re sitting in your own home admiring the fall colors outside your window, you know that at any minute the skies are going to turn to steel, the clouds are going to open, and you will be buried in snow for the next few months. If you hold your event in Scottsdale, the only thing you will be buried in is blue skies and constant sunshine! Lodging in Scottsdale AZ has it all!

Why Book My Vacay?

You could choose to book a block of rooms in one of our local hotels and use their conference rooms for your special event, but why would you want to do that when you can rent luxury home with multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, and its own private pool? Renew your vows against that backdrop of that gorgeous Arizona sun setting over the mountains, or celebrate the matriarch of your family with a 90th birthday celebration that allows the entire family to treat her as the queen she is; late night snacks can evolve into quiet conversations with that woman who means so much to you, making memories that will last long after she has passed to the next plateau. When you choose a Book My Vacay rental, you’re taking the sterility and impersonality out of the event you’re celebrating and replacing it with warmth, laughter, and unforgettable memories. Why would you want to stay anywhere else?

Our Scottsdale AZ Vacation Home Rentals

We want our guests to have the best experience possible. We’re not happy unless you are, and we spend every minute of our days dreaming up ways to make your stay even better! Reserve your elegant Scottsdale vacation home from us today and make that special event the talk of the town! Contact us to learn more about lodging in Scottsdale AZ.