Corporate Rentals in Scottsdale AZ

Stress and tension doesn’t just affect your home life. In today’s world, chances are your employees are feeling it, too. Working together day in and day out with the same people can create an atmosphere that is electric with tension, and your employees may soon forget the good stuff that drew them to your company and their job. When this begins to happen, your company, no matter how wonderful the product is, can start to lose valuable employees and begin to develop a reputation of being a difficult place to work for. The solution to your problem, however, can be as simple as holding a corporate retreat, and our corporate rentals in Scottsdale, AZ add some additional value if you’re considering the area. If you are located in a place where the sun rarely shines, may we suggest Scottsdale, and our Book My Vacay vacation homes as a potential location? Learn more about the corporate housing in Scottsdale AZ below:


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Why Corporate Housing in Scottsdale, AZ?

Our corporate rentals in Scottsdale, AZ offer that something special you just can’t find at the local hotel: warmth, luxury, and a feeling of family that will draw your employers closer together. Smaller companies can share a house (with a pool!) and rediscover the fun their job brings them as they reconnect with those they have been bickering with. Keeping barriers up is difficult to do when you’re surrounded by luxury, style, and a slide that shoots your coworkers out like a bullet from a gun; nothing is funnier than the sight of a normally reserved accountant shouting like a wild man as he dives face first into the crystal-clear waters of the private pool!

Larger companies can reserve a bank of Scottsdale condos, allowing your employees the opportunity to retreat to private rooms when they feel the need for some quiet time, keeping the comradery intact by scheduling group events, like a trip to a comedy club or a night on the town as part of the bonding process. Corporate rentals in Scottsdale AZ have it all!

Popular Scottsdale Outings

A trip to Scottsdale Comedy Spot Comedy Club at 7117 East Third Avenue will help bring laughter back to the group, but how about giving them something to laugh about as they work together? The National Comedy Theater, located at 1111 South Longmore, offers Thursday night improv classes that will inspire your team to work together with smiles and laughter; isn’t that what the idea of the retreat is all about?

Afterwards, enjoy an authentic Mexican dinner at Los Sombreros (2534 North Scottsdale Road), cocktails at Ellure Lounge (7316 East Stetson Drive), and a final nightcap “back at the bunkhouse.” This can be just what the doctor ordered for a company facing an identity crisis.

Learn More About Corporate Housing In Scottsdale Today!

Waiting and hoping that things will get better on their own won’t change a thing, but a corporate retreat in a luxury Scottsdale vacation rental may be just the thing! Contact us to reserve your corporate housing in Scottsdale!