Townhomes In Tucson

One of the best parts of our jobs is being able to seek out vacation rentals all over our state. We aren’t confined to what’s available in one central location; our homes are located everywhere! From cabins in Flagstaff to condos in Scottsdale or the finest townhomes available in Tucson, no matter where you travel in the state of Arizona, you are never far from a Book My Vacay exceptional home away from home. Today, we would like to focus on our Tucson townhomes. Located in the historic section of our city, they offer a flair you just can’t find anywhere else! Townhomes in Tucson AZ has something for everyone!


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Follow the Warm Wood Floors

When you rent from Book My Vacay, you come to expect a certain quality not often found in other vacation rentals, and our Tucson townhomes are no exception. Rich wood floors lead the way to charming kitchens decorated to match the style of the home. Open shelving offers the feeling of a 40s bungalow, a style which is supported with the use of rolling aluminum tea carts and colorful paintings that adorn the walls. The living areas contain velvet sofas so soft you can’t wait to sink into their depths, teak wood tables, and a decidedly necessary nod to the modern with a flat screen television connected to cable—you don’t have to miss any of your favorite shows! Most of our Tucson townhomes come with two bedrooms that are both spacious and serene, and bathrooms that offer a bit of whimsy; cactus inspired shower curtains take away from the seriousness of penny tile floors and a charming sink built into an antique dresser. Check out our Tucson townhouses below:

Luxury Townhomes In Tucson

Located in the heart of history, our townhomes in Tucson are within walking distance to everything that makes Tucson special: charming boutiques, hip coffee shops, and fiery Mexican restaurants destined to change the way you think about tacos forever! Spend your days lounging by the community pool in your townhome neighborhood, and your evenings hitting the clubs to show off your new tan. The Zen Rock Night Club features multiple levels of entertainment, three different styles of music, and three separate bars perfectly placed to ensure there’s always one nearby when you’re ready for your next round! Another popular Tucson nightspot, The Shelter Cocktail and Lounge, features nostalgic décor consisting of JFK memorabilia and pinball machines, but the factor that makes this cool spot shine is that it is located inside a former fallout shelter, giving our guests some serious bragging rights!