Vacation Rentals in Scottsdale, Arizona Nearby Golf Courses

If you’ve ever been to Scottsdale, you’ve probably seen a golf course there. It’s one of the most popular pastimes in the city—so if you’re serious about golf, this is the place to stay! Whether you want a quick round in the morning or an all-day outing, whether you’re a newbie looking to pick up the game or a veteran looking for a challenge, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for with golf in Scottsdale. You could spend every day of your Scottsdale visit golfing, and each day would be different!

Scottsdale’s Allure

Lying in the Valley of the Sun, golf is Scottsdale is great for the same reasons as most of southern Arizona. First of all, there’s tons of space! Lending a true feeling of escape to a golf getaway, you can walk along some Scottsdale courses and not see a sing building depending where you face. Plus, the constant sun and rare winds means you never need to worry about inclement weather raining on your parade. If you’re from a colder part of the country, Scottsdale is the perfect escape from your snowbound winter to a milder land full of courses to try.

Believe it or not, even summer golf in Scottsdale is perfectly feasible. Take along a hat, sunglasses, and some water and sunscreen and you’re good to go! The courses know the climate, so accommodations such as misters, shade, and water fountains are common. The courses are also much less crowded in summer, so it’s great if you need flexibility to your golfing schedule. Plus, there are great summer discounts!

The Courses

Scottsdale is one of the most affluent areas in the Valley of the Sun, so if you’re looking for an upscale golf course, this is the place to book. Talking Stick Golf Club, though flat of fairway, offers beautiful views. TPC Scottsdale is a country-famous course, having been featured on the PGA tour—replete with water spots and sand traps, it’s an exciting course to play! For those looking for less pricey options, Silverado is fun course that is moderately challenging for the average player. Papago Golf Course, with a lovely backdrop provided by the Papago Mountains, is a municipal golf course that’s also worth checking out.


If you’re sold on Scottsdale golfing, then great news: we have some fantastic Scottsdale lodging nearby! Our offerings include amenities such as entertainment centers, spacious rooms, and breathtaking scenery. Why not browse our vacation rentals in Scottsdale, Arizona? You’re sure to find a few that are near some great courses!

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