Snowbowl Vacation Rentals

When you read “fresh powder snow, miles of ski slopes, and snowboarding lessons” you immediately think “Arizona,” right? No? Well then, you’ve never been to Snowbowl! A ski park located north of Flagstaff, Snowbowl is extremely popular with northern Arizona residents and valley-dwellers alike. It has the best slopes in the region, reliable snowfall, ski lift and lodgings, lessons—you name it, if it’s part of the skiing and snowboarding experience, you can find it here!

Planning a trip to Snowbowl is easy when you stay in one of our cozy Snowbowl vacation rentals. Experience the best of Flagstaff and Northern Arizona when you plan your stay with us, from high-intensity outdoor sports and recreation to the eclectic art galleries, mouthwatering eateries, and more Flagstaff is a great place to vacation.


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Snowbowl Skiing and Snowboarding

In Snowbowl, winter sports are the highlight of the park, and the miles of trails provide a fantastically fun time for both beginners and experts. In addition to the normal slopes, the park also boasts several terrain parks. These three parks, each graduated in difficulty, include equipment that allow snowboarders to practice all sorts of tricks. Veteran snowboarders know that it’s worth the thrill to learn a few!

Newcomers to the sports—which include many people native to Arizona, as much of the state does not experience the joys of snowfall in other regions—can get lessons from certified staff members, facilitating their enjoyment of the slopes. The park also handles rental equipment, making it super easy for anyone to access these exhilarating activities.

With other AZ ski resorts, you may find snow too difficult to plan a skiing vacation around, but if you’re aiming at the right months, you can count on some good slopes at Snowbowl; the park has installed artificial snowmakers on about half the trails! This makes it rare for inclement drought to ruin a good snowboarding or ski trip.

After a long day on the slopes, you can always order a hot and filling dish off of the après ski menu at restaurants like Agassiz Lodge Restaurant, Hart Priarie Lodge Restaurant, or Café 9,500. Agassiz and Hart Prairie both offer delectable breakfast and lunch menus, while Café 9,500 serves paninis and hearty burgers.

Snowbowl in the Summer

Snowbowl’s worth a visit even in the summer time. With the snow gone, the slopes and trails open up with new potential. Snowbowl is a popular hub for summer hiking, even hosting a trail that leads up Mount Humphrey’s—the tallest mountain in Arizona with a summit above 12,600 feet!

For those who prefer leisurely walks, take one of the other trails, or follow the chain baskets for a round of disc golf. Cool off after your hike by stopping at local microbreweries like Lumberyard Brewing Co. or Beaver Street Brewery for a nice cold pint of beer.

Perhaps the most attractive of Snowbowl’s summer features is the chair lift. While most people think of chair lifts only for skiing, they’re phenomenal for summer sightseeing as well. From elevations upward of 11,500 feet, you can see the Grand Canyon, the spires of Sedona, and more—it’s like being at the top of the world, a 360-degree view of unparalleled scenery. 

Other fantastic sightseeing destinations just a short drive away are more extraterrestrial in nature. The famous Lowell Observatory is an excellent location for stargazing on those peaceful summer nights, while Meteor Crater is a geological connection between our world and outer space, showcasing where an enormous meteor once made impact. Sunset Crater is another fascinating natural phenomenon—the youngest volcano in the San Francisco volcanic field.

Museums in the area, such as the Museum of Northern Arizona, are only minutes away from Snowbowl. Explore the intriguing history of Snowbowl and Flagstaff while learning more about the people who have lived here.

In between your excursions around the area, you can sample the cuisine at any number of diversely delicious local restaurants. For breakfast and lunch, Brandy’s Restaurant & Bakery provides a neat arthouse atmosphere with a creative menu and fanciful coffee concoctions. If new American dishes served in historic buildings sound like your palate’s delight, Shift Kitchen & Bar and Josephine’s Modern American Bistro might be your speed. Meanwhile, other flavorful menus can be found at Pato Thai Cuisine, MartAnne’s Breakfast Place, Satchmo’s, and Criollo Latin Kitchen.

For health-conscious foodies, MIX Flagstaff is a casual and modern eatery that will satisfy your sandwich cravings. Conversely, if you’re in the mood for a burger or pizza, Fratelli Pizza, PIzzicletta, and Diablo Burger are all excellent choices.

Where to Stay

If you’re looking to stay in a place with a more amenities than a ski lodge and more charm than a hotel, we’ve got a few places for you to look at! We have several cabin rentals near Snowbowl, Flagstaff. From the opulent Downtown Historic Retreat to charming two-bedroom Flagstaff Bungalow, we’re sure we’ve got Snowbowl rentals that fit you! Click through our charming list of Snowbowl cabin rentals and other Snowbowl rentals above for more details about these incredible properties.